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Rose Quartz Heart Gua Sha  £22

Size: Approximately 3" in length. (8cm)

Gua Sha Tool heart shape comes with mini manual.

Our Gua Sha tool is made from rose quartz – the stone of love and peace with heart shape. The energy from rose quartz is also ideal for dispelling toxic, negative thoughts and making a connection with universal love. The heart shape is very simple to use.

It could have something to do with just how simple it is. Facial Gua Sha is easy to do yourself, and there are such visible results so quickly. Everyone is interested in looking more toned and glowy, and there’s been more interest in natural, less invasive ways to do this than traditional botox and fillers. A Gua Sha facial massage is a must-do massage if you want to boost circulation, restore radiance and stimulate cell renewal. All these benefits make it perfect for fighting the signs of aging. The Gua Sha tool is simple to use. It's incredibly easy to incorporate this ancient beauty ritual into your modern skincare routine.