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Q: Why we encourage our clients to book online?

A: We do not have a receptionist to answer calls or make bookings. During treatment session, therapists can not answer calls. As per our mission, we aim to provide peaceful and relaxing treatment and try to run all bookings smoothly for every client's best benefits so we normally encourage you to make online booking in advance.

The most important reason is for your most convenience - that you can book our service any times. Also, by booking online, you will have opportunity to get future discount..

If you have any enquiries, please text us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Q: Strictly Professional Massage?

A: We sometimes receive calls asking for happy hour/sexual service. We want to confirm that we DO NOT provide sexual services.

Q: What make Ban Chang 's treatments and services different?

A: Not only do we make the treatment tailored based on individual needs and also we believe all the senses are important. The treatment rooms are decorated in Zen Asian/Thai modern. The aroma in the venue help clients to feel relaxed. The perfect temperature make you feel comfortable and at ease. After session, we provide choice of beverages that suit your needs.

Q: How often should you have massage?

A: Our work and life routine is always the same. Sitting at desk station, driving long hours, or carrying heavy stuff. Common questions that we have been asked from our clients are, how often should they have a massage? We recommend the client to exercise such as Yoga or Pilates and have a massage every 3-4 weeks.

Q: Before massage

A: Avoid eating before your massage because of feeling bloated/uncomfortable, recommend to have a warm pre-massage shower/bath so after massage should can leave the oil on our body. The oil can work at their most benefits to your skin/muscle.

Q: After massage

A: Drink plenty of water and keep oil on your body for a couple hours before taking shower/bath.

Q: What if you are late for your session, will the delay effect your duration of treatment?

A: At Ban Chang, we need 45 minutes to turnaround treatment between clients. This is for so we can provide our best service to all our clients. During this 45 minutes, we use for the client to get changed and enjoy our complementary drink and after the client leaves, our therapist can clean and reset the treatment room and rest to regain their energy so that they can provide next client with utmost level of service.

To answer your question, please call/text us as soon as you think you will be late. We will then try to contact the client after you to see if they are convenient to move their session further but we CANNOT guarantee that it will not effect your session time if we have other clients after you.

Q: What if you want to cancel your booking?

A: Yes, you can make cancellation via Treatwell or call/text us directly. Please kindly make cancellation at least 12 hours before your appointment so other clients can have this opportunity to take your slot.

Q: Why female therapist only service female client, NOT male client?

A: As male client has tighter muscle so male therapist who stronger than female therapist is not only suitable to massage male's muscle better but this only help to avoid injury to our female therapist.

Q: What if you did not turn up?

A: If you NO SHOW, we have right to cancel your future booking.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to text us at 07913648829 or leave message on this website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.