At Ban Chang Thai Massage and Wellbeing, you will find several different treatments to fit your individual needs. Experience our massage treatments that combine a relaxing spa atmosphere with nurturing care. It is our goal to relieve your stress and improve your mind and body connection so that it continues long after you leave and rejuvenates you with every visit.



Full Body Massage

45 min £45

60 min £50

75 min £60

We combine Thai massage and aromatherapy massage with our 'energy flow' technique. The slow, firm, and gentle massage from aromatherapy massage is combined with the deep pressure points technique using thumb and palm of Thai massage not only provides reduction of physical tension, improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage system circulation, reducing stress, feeling relaxed and refreshed, but also helps to balance energy and giving you the feeling of 'complete' after the session. The key is -- the technique that focuses on 'energy flow' as well as releasing muscle tension.

By focusing on energy flow makes the energy current running through our bodies, providing us with a balance of circulation, nutrients, and minerals that we need to be whole properly and smoothly.


Thai Yoga Massage & Signature Massage

60 min £50

75 min £65

As we have the same routine, day in day out, eg. sitting down in the same position for a long time, working on computers, standing up for long hours, driving long distances on a regular basis, this can cause tension, knots, exhaustion or aches around our body. We learn that Thai Yoga Massage and our Signature Massage are a great combination to deliver the ultimate benefit.

Thai Yoga Massage uses a traditional practice of ancient healing combining acupressure, stretching, and yoga therapy.

Benefits received from Thai Yoga Massage include; Reduction of physical tension, aches and fatigue, Improved blood circulation, and rejuvenating the body, increase body flexibility when doing regular activities and promoting a sense of well-being for the body, mind and spirit.

After Thai Yoga massage, our therapist will perform our Signature massage to soothe you muscle tension

Combining two wonderful massage techniques together brings better benefits to release tension and fatigue, improve blood circulation and gives the recipient a sense of balance and calmness.



30 min £35

If you are looking for a quick energize and relax massage treatment, allow us to introduce you to the World of head massage.

This therapeutic massage of the head, neck, shoulders, upper back and face is a highly effective and energetic stress busting therapy.

This ancient remedy has powerful energy and gives real relaxation benefit to you. The massage help to relief from migraine, headaches, sinusitis, eye strain, muscle tension, and insomnia.

The treatment works on significant areas of the body where stress affects major muscle groups and it often brings immediate relaxation and the efficiency of the blood circulatory and lymphatic systems improves.

Work on the scalp boosts blood supply to the head, increasing the amount of oxygen and nourishment reaching the hair, promoting hair growth.

As the massage proceeds you will feel relaxed and breathe more deeply, and can release suppressed emotions and negative energy, making room for more positive energies and increasing mental clarity.


45 min £45

Everyday activities such as driving, computer work or lifting heavy stuff can lead to pain in the shoulder, upper back and lower back as the muscles are not properly aligned.

Back massage help relieves the tension by compressing the muscles in the back returning them to their natural alignment therefore relieving stress and tension.

Slow, gentle, and deep massage by focusing pressure on particular parts of the body, like head, neck shoulder and back giving benefits of reduction of physical tension, stress and tension are rapidly released, and giving you quick relaxation.


45 min £40

An attentive therapist compresses different points on the foot that correspond to individual organs and specific areas of the body. This process assists in the balance and harmony of the body and enhances circulation of the lymphatic system.

Foot massage is an ancient method of Chinese massage which has been practised for over 3,000 years. The Central Nervous System which connects to all parts of the body can be mapped out on the sole of the foot. By stimulating the activity of the internal organs by massaging the foot, blood and lymph circulation are greatly improved. Thai massage uses thumbs, fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet. However, foot massage uses hands, fingers and/or a wooden stick with either a cream or oil for a smooth transition.

Treatment also included head and hands massage and legs bending and stretching.




60 min £70

Treatment includes;

30 min Back, neck , head, shoulder, arms and hands massage and

30 min  Face massage.

Get away from the stresses of life for just an hour with a perfectly relaxing treatment will that will boost your energy back.

With the wonderfully warm blended aroma oils and the long, slow, gentle but firm strokes of our massage technique, this treatment gives you complete relaxation for your body and mind.

At Ban Chang Wellbeing and Beauty, we use Face oil for dehydrated skin made from 100% pure plant extracts contains extracts of Rosewood, Patchouli, Blue Orchid and adding Hazelnut Oil help to rebalance dry skin nourishes and revitalises dehydrated skin, and leaves it feeling satin soft. Aroma from the oil will relax you even more.